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On any given day, Sixty-Nine Million people use Pudur products and services to get more out of life. With over thirty business verticals, we as a company are grateful to be touching so many people’s lives in so many ways. We’re the heart of the global economy. Every day and around the world, our dedicated young and dynamic stakeholders work reliably, and responsibly to leave our planet a little better for our future generations.

Lift off or Elevator

Pudur Corporation is a diversified company with 30 verticals serving 69 Million customers in 77 countries, with an asset base of $83.65 Billion with revenues of $15.18 Billion and 14,100 colleagues from 80 countries

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अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
(Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi)

Means “I am Brahman” or “I am Creator”. At Pudur we believe all humanity has the power to transform each other to reach greater heights. This tagline symbolizes our commitments to constantly keep creating to make all lives better. To know about the meaning and origin of the Sanskrit word Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi visit Speaking Tree or Wikipedia.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe 300 years from now Pudur will be serving humanity because of our core values, beliefs and principles the company was built on.

We believe through Constant Never Ending Creation Can Humanity succeed.
Happiness is a matter of Right
The ultimate value that Pudur is pursuing is the happiness of all stakeholders. Beyond short-term profit creation, we will fulfill its social responsibility and role as an exemplary corporate citizen.
Through Independence We are united
Pudur is achieving sustainable growth and development through autonomy and collaboration. Each vertical is reinforcing its business competitiveness and maximizing enterprise value through autonomous management. At the same time, each vertical is creating synergy effect through cooperation between stakeholders.
To Improve Quality of Life
Pudur strongly believes the communities it serves globally through long-term stake holder Value creation based on company principles.
“One person can change the world”
Collingsworth, James
Executive Vice President Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Clean Energy, Agro & Water
Andrea, Catherina
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Pudur, Arun
Co-Chair and Trustee
Pudur, Eliena
Co-Chair and Trustee
Roberta, Jezebel
George, Miguel T
Chief Economic and Policy Advisor
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