Future of Banking


While working on the future of Banking we are disrupting the way traditional banks work and operate. We are paving a new way and building the foundation of New banking ecosystem. We want to make everyone’s banking experience to be that of a Private Banker today with the use of the latest innovations and technologies.

– Use our “Selfie-Pay” everywhere –

Using facial recognition “Selfie-Pay” not only to unlock your mobile phone but to unlock your banking with patterns, irises, thumbprints, etc., to add an extra layer of authentication for transactions. Biometrics promotes usability by enabling quick authentication, avoiding the frustration that comes with remembering multiple passwords. Biometrics-based authentication solutions that use the forward-facing camera to scan one’s iris or the in-built thumbprint scanners in smartphones to strengthen security.

– Payment Apps – Real-Time Payments –

Our Fintech payment apps will be integrated with Pudur Banking allowing you to make real-time payments will radically improve your ability to manage their cash flow and account balances. The result is a significantly tougher time avoiding expensive overdraft and returned payment fees.

– Building Banking and Peer to Peer with Blockchain –

Cryptocurrencies have changed the world of banking by providing users with faster and cheaper ways to transact. The distributed ledger system of blockchain leverages stringent controls enabling smart contracts and auditable data. Our most notable application of blockchain will be in how it transforms payments for banks as well as customers by reducing the cost and time taken to transfer money, allowing “Peer to Peer transfer”. Additionally, by building inherent trust, blockchain provides the perfect trading platform for securities exchanges. It does this by ensuring transparency, thereby minimizing risk, human errors and transactional fees.

– Using Artificial intelligence –

Identifying fraudulent transactions is the main goal of anti-money laundering departments. Using artificial intelligence to help you -AI will be used to help find the best payment schedules, offer consumers new products, improve existing products, increase operational efficiency of business processes and pursue new discoveries that offer innovative business opportunities. AI will also help in managing all your queries.

– Obsolescence of bank branches with omnichannel banking –

As banking shifts from being a branch-specific activity to one that permeates all digital channels (mobile, social and online), the importance of having several brick-and-mortar bank offices decreases. We at Pudur Banking are re-imagined a world in the next 40 years where no one carries any cash, and everything will be handled digitally so leaving no need for a physical bank.