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– AI-based Internet Media and News 3.0 –

Pudur Post a Artificial Intelligence-based News 3.0, aggregator and media company. The site offers Free content news, satire, blogs, and original content and covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, business, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women’s interests, local news,  finance, industry, investing, marketing, science, social issues with a hint of online quizzes, blogs, luxury, and pop culture articles. Moving forward PP will have it’s new breed of millennial journalists work on investigative journalism, long-form journalism, and reportage.


Pudur Post lists and rankings, including Richest 500, world’s top companies, 30 U30, 40 U40, global Influencers, and World’s Billionaires. Pudur Post Events will include Awards for various Industries, Summits and more. This News 3.0 company will utilize Big data,  Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Collaborative Tech all managed by Celframe’s AI technology.

Pudur MOJO” Mobile Journalism – Digital technology has revolutionized the journalist’s toolkit with affordable miniaturized still and video cameras for producing high-quality multimedia, and connection equipment enabling that content to be transmitted via satellite from almost anywhere on the globe for publication on the Internet. Pudur Media’s advent of news production by an innovative type of lone, multimedia reporter, known as a “mojo” (mobile journalist) or “sojo” (solo journalist), and an increasing focus on “Glocal” news. In an era of heightened newspaper and television competition we have embraced with enthusiasm the solo journalist—able to move fast and travel light, than traditional news teams. The new modalities has resulted in responsible journalism enriched with multifaceted storytelling.

– Freemium Media Service Provider 4.0 on Blockchain –

Pudur Entertainment is working on MSP 4.0 with primary focus being Freemium subscription-based streaming OTT service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house, all in a streaming platform for all devices.

– Music streaming platform in Freemium –

Pudur Streaming service will have American, European, Indian, Asian and international music content. The entire music catalog will be available to users worldwide. It will provide DRM-protected content from record labels and media companies. It will also be a  freemium service; basic features are free with advertisements or automatic music videos, while additional features, such as improved streaming quality are offered via paid subscriptions.

– Pudur Live Streaming Plus – A live streaming video platform –

PLSP is building a live streaming video platform for global community who come together to create their own entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable, never-to-be-repeated experiences created by the interactions of the many. With chat built into every stream, you don’t just watch on PLSP, you’re a part of the show.


Apart from creating and sharing videos as well as live broadcasting. It also be a short video platform allowing users to create musical, dance, comedy, acting, lip-sync and other types of short videos in 15 seconds or less. Then on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. Content on the site can be viewed either live or via video on demand.

– Pudur Virtual Reality –

Pudur Virtual Reality brings people face to face with imagination.

Focus will be to build best in narrative storytelling, technology, art, and gaming to create compelling and immersive VR experiences for people around the world. PVR will bring together award-winning storytellers and artists with a passion for innovation and a desire to explore a new way to share experiences and tell stories.

– Pudur Gaming Studio –

Focus of the gaming studio is to become world’s leading standalone interactive entertainment company. PGS will develop, distribute, and publish deeply immersive interactive entertainment for gaming consoles, mobile and tablet platforms, Web and PC.