Who we are

On any given day, Sixty Million people use Pudur products and services to get more out of life. With more than twenty business verticals focused on innovation,technology, health, wellbeing, environment, investments, natural resources, trading, energy, agro, real estate, telecom, defense, banking, entertainment, we as a company are grateful to be touching so many people’s lives in so many different ways. We’re the heart of the global economy. Every day and around theworld, our dedicated young and dynamic stakeholders work reliably, effectively and responsibly to leave our planet a little better for our future generations.Pudur Corporation is a leading diversified company with interests in over 20 business verticals, with a network that spans over 70 countries with an asset base of $73.65 Billion with revenues in excess of $13.37 Billion and over 13,800 women & men managed by just 130 dedicated corporate team.

Our story

Arun Pudur, president and chief executive officer at Celframe, speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview at the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, Dec. 4, 2015. Business leaders in Southeast Asia are seeking more clarity on the region's march toward a common community after policy makers unveiled a new road map following missed targets for economic integration this year. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Arun Pudur

Our Beliefs

We believe only through Constant Never Ending Innovation can Human Race succeed. This has been proven with our never ending expansion through innovation in various sectors.

Pudur is achieving sustainable growth and development through autonomy and collaboration. Each vertical is reinforcing its business competitiveness and maximizing enterprise value through autonomous management. At the same time, each vertical is creating synergy effect through cooperation between stakeholders.

The ultimate value that Pudur is pursuing is the happiness of all stakeholders. Beyond short-term profit creation, we will fulfill its social responsibility and role as an exemplary corporate citizen.

Pudur strongly believes the communities it serves globally through long-term stake holder Value creation based on company principles.

Key Figures

108 Million downloads of Celframe products

Corporate – Board and Senior Executive Team

Pudur, Arun

Founder, President and CEO, Chairman and Managing Director

Kumar, Dr Rajah

Hon. Chairman and Advisor to the Board

Pudur, Eliena

Executive Deputy President, Luxury, Life Sciences and Director

Salleh, Faizal Bin

Executive Vice President Technology, Research, Robotics, Defense and Telecommunications Group

Wilson, William II

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Andrea, Catherina

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Collingsworth, James

Executive Vice President Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Clean Energy, Agro & Water

Goldstein, Vanessa

Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy -Planning, Investments and Advisory

Smith, Brian Alexander

Executive Vice President

Officer in charge of Commodities Trading & Business Development

Patel, Giridhar

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Pierce, Steven J

Executive Vice President Hotels, Resorts, Real Estate, Infra and Smart Cities

Subramanian, Shivanesan

Executive Vice President

Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications, CSR and External Relations

Yeung, Tina Grace

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Yoshida, Eikoh

Executive Vice President Officer in charge of Manufacturing, Procurement, Environmental Logistics, Engineering and Quality Group

Pudur Foundation

Pudur, Arun

Co-Chair and Trustee

Pudur, Eliena

Co-Chair and Trustee

Roberta, Jezebel


George, Miguel T

Chief Economic and Policy Advisor


Pudur’s management is led by Arun Pudur supported by EDP Eliena Pudur, CFO William Wilson and the rest of the management team. Pudur’s small corporate team manages the entire operations which employees tens of thousands of employees globally.

Management Structure


Business Structure



The Global business is cyclical. Following a decade-long growth phase, it has now firmly entered a period of lower prices, driven by a subdued global macro environment combined with strong supply. We expect the current phase of margin compression to continue as previously committed supply enters our markets and the key drivers of demand growth taper off. Meanwhile, volatility – a feature of the macroeconomic environment since the global financial crisis – is expected to continue, bringing with it further short-term risk.

Our response to this has been to continue to focus on diversification, productivity, cost reductions and capital discipline – squeezing maximum returns out of our existing businesses while ensuring only the best growth projects attract capital. Our competition in all sectors have embarked upon similar paths. Inefficiencies are being exposed, and so reductions in costs and capital expenditure, productivity improvements, and project deferrals and cancellations have become widespread across the mining industry.

Despite the uncertain conditions that we currently face, the long-term outlook for various sectors remains positive. These factors drive demand for the natural resources, technology and other products we produce, as essential ingredients of modern life. They make our business a sustainable and valuable one to be in.

Consistent strategy underpinned by eight value drivers

In today’s challenging market conditions it is all the more important to have a clear and effective strategy. We remain convinced that our longstanding and consistent strategy is the right one: to invest in and operate long-life, low-cost, expandable operations in the most attractive industry sectors.

We reaffirmed our commitment to deliver sustainable returns. Eight critical value drivers underpin this commitment, and combine to create a platform for our ongoing success.

  1. World-class portfolio
    At the heart of Pudur is a portfolio of world-class assets – from our technology products, mines, Oil & Gas, Investments in growing business, life sciences and other assets. We use a clear strategic framework toassess our existing assets and new opportunities – taking into account theindustry attractiveness and the competitive advantage of each asset, and itscapacity to deliver best-in-class returns.
  2. Consistent Quality growth
    We have a compelling pipeline of near-term and longer dated projects acrossthe portfolio. By reinforcing capital discipline and reshaping our projects, wehave retained significant, high quality growth despite significantly reducing ourcapital expenditure. Our project pipeline has a compelling internal rate ofreturn and is expected to deliver strong compound annual growth.
  3. Outsourcing Model Combined with Work @ Home

We have by far been most successful by outsourcing more than 98% of all our business activities thus far reducing our risks as well as utilizing expertise of Independent companies with various strengths in many geographies, ethnic background and economies to deliver the very best in value not only for Pudur but also our outsourcing partners. Our Work @ Home initiative for our employees has driven production by 28% year on year which shows that a less stressed employee delivers far more value.

  1. Excellence in Commercial and Operations
    The safety of our people is core to everything we do, and we remain atthe forefront of the industry in safety performance. A well-run operation isa safe operation.We have established a leading position in the development and use oftechnology and innovation – allowing us to increase productivity and reducerisk. Our commercial activities aim to ensure we reap the maximum value fromeach of our businesses. Our marketing teams work hand-in-hand with ouroperations, so that our resource management is fully aligned to the market.Over the years we have leveraged our understanding of customer needs tocreate new markets for our products, including Robotics, Banking, Insurance, Luxury etc. We deploy industry-leadingcapabilities in optimisation and a variety of solutionsacross the Group – and have in-house centres of excellence for value-in-useanalysis, pricing and contracting strategies. Together, these activities allow usto manage risk and capture value in all market conditions.
  2. Joint Venture – Facilitator Model with Minimum Capital outlay

We have pioneered the Joint venture model in most of our portfolio acquisition, giving us access to world-class assets with minimal or no capital outlay thereby allowing us to invest in production and to ramp production. In our Joint Venture model we also offer higher shareholding to the owners and also provide board seat to previously disadvantaged people. In our Facilitator model we help trade to happen with minimal turn around by facilitating both end buyer and end seller to execute the deal with minimal or no intervention from us, thus making deals execute faster and ensuring long-term value for all parties involved.

  1. Strong Balance sheet
    In a cyclical and capital intensive business world, a strong balancesheet is essential in order to preserve optionality and generate
    wealth at all points in the cycle. We target a net gearing ratio of 20 to30 per cent in order to maintain our robust balance sheet – and aim to stay atthe lower end of this range at the current point in the cycle. This positions usfavourably to withstand current economic pressures, protect us andseize on any opportunities these market conditions create.
  2. Disciplined Capital allocation
    We have a consistent and disciplined approach to capital allocation. Our firstallocation is to essential sustaining capital for our operations. Next, we fundour primary contract with our stake holders. Finally,we assess the best use of the remaining capital between alternatives of
    compelling growth, debt reduction and further cash returns to stakeholders.At each stage, we apply stringent governance and assessment criteria as weseek to maximise return on every dollar spent.
  3. Generating Free cash flow
    Over recent years we have made improvements to our business – increasingour productivity, reducing operating and capital costs and deliveringincremental volume expansions from high quality projects. Together with thequality of our asset base, these actions enhance our capacity to generate freecash flows, and underpin our confidence in our ability to deliver sustainablereturns to shareholders.

Smart World

It’s a Smart World out there!

We all live in an invisible yet ubiquitous, small but mighty, unnoticed but life changing. Earth is Billions of years young, the Industrial revolution began three hundred years ago, then came the digital revolution forty years ago, even though the digital time is so miniscule it started a quite but profound process which has radically reshaped our lives. Today, we live in a smart world, can do smart things, travel in smart way and make smart choices. We don’t see them, but these tiny things shape our world to a remarkable degree. From the phones we use to communicate, cars we drive and tractors till the fields, to the fresh food delivered to our shops, to video conferencing with your loved ones, billboards that advertise and machines that help us stay fit – they’re the invisible brains that power our daily being.

Pudur with its wide network and vast array of products in various Industry verticals is working hard to make lives better for billions of beings around the planet. Long live the smart life.

Pudur Foundation

Pudur Foundation is a social enterprise committed to provide long-term support and expertise to improve socioeconomic conditions for vulnerable communities around the world. It joins forces with its local partners on the ground to achieve more for its beneficiaries. In 2013, over $400M was contributed by Arun Pudur’s Family trust to fund the foundation’s core tenants for the next decade. 10% of all profits is allocated for Foundation-related activities since 2013. The Pudur Foundation supported dozens of programmes with over 42 partners across 58 countries.All foundational activities are handled directly by employees and Pudur partners, no third party NGO’s are involved. This is to ensure 100% benefit of all the foundation funds reaches the people in need.

As a global organisation, Pudur touches all kinds of communities. Challenging social conditions are more prevalent in emerging economies, but they also exist in the so-called advanced economies. Some face poverty, they may have problems with access to education or health and there are economic and social development issues. Exposing Pudur people to these realities changes how they think about the communities on their doorstep. We are building awareness and strengthening structures for participation, namely our Charity Committees.

The Foundation aims include Education for all, protect our Environment for future generations and ensure Equal Rights to everyone.


Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions around the world. Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits. Yet millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty.

Education is a powerful tool by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully as citizens.

Pudur Foundation is playing a vital role in changing the way Education is spread by using innovative ways to deliver content and to improve educational standards by localizing the content and also bringing back long lost educational tools that was used by humans since beginning of time.


Our planet is changing.  Protecting our natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. Due to the pressures of population and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This has been recognized, and governments have begun placing restraints on activities that cause environmental degradation. Since the 1960s, activity of environmental movements has created awareness of the various environmental issues. There is no agreement on the extent of the environmental impact of human activity, and protection measures are occasionally criticized.

Pudur Foundation is very concerned about drastic changes in the environment and has invested heavily in all its verticals to ensure minimal effect on environment during its operations.

Equal Rights

Equal rights are rights that apply worldwide, to all people, in all places, at all times. They are the foundations of a democracy in which every person counts. Pudur Foundation strives to protect and promote human rights all over the world.

We do not believe in dividing people on their gender, race, color or beliefs. We believe creating different acts or rights for different genders & belief system is the reason for great divide among all.

We, Promote human rights;

Promote freedom of expression, including internet freedom; Protecting freedom of religion and belief; Support human rights defenders; Promote corporate social responsibility; Combating any human rights violations and International action to promote human rights.

Our Mission

The Pudur Foundation was established in 2013 with a threefold mission. We’re an independent philanthropic organization and social enterprise. We have formal processes in place to select, support, monitor and review programmes.
The Foundation aims to help Pudur gain a more complete sense of its social role as a global economic player. We also have a responsibility to Pudur staff. We raise awareness and forge connections between employees and the wider world.

Social Change

The Pudur Foundation provides grants to projects that spur social and economic development. Our direct funding activities fall into three main categories: education, environment and equal rights. We focus on self-sustaining activities that help people realise their full potential. Fundings are intended to have long-term benefits and typically have a minimum two-year duration.

Independent, Yet Interdependent

The ability to act independently is fundamental to our philanthropic philosophy. Our independent status is both recognised and respected at Pudur. We do not fund any third party foundations or NGO’s.
At the same time, we rely on the expertise and enthusiasm of those on the our partner network side of the business. Our trustees contribute knowledge and are influential advocates for our work within the company.

Want to be part of our mission? Want to donate?

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